lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

"Do you know what does storytelling mean?"

Storytelling is the act of using language and gesture in colourful ways to create scenes in a sequence based on real or fantansy experiences. In the classroom, storytelling is an important activity, which has a strong links with literacy. The magic of stories are connected with language, a story line, sequences of cause and effect. When children listen to a story, they have the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a lucid manner to act as if they were part of the play.

There are certain aspects to take into consideration to understand why storytelling is so important for children. These aspects are authencity, the connection between the speaker with the spoken and the connection between the knower with the known, creativity, the conventional order of things and different techniques like oral or written skills.

Authencity means when the speaker tries to use others' ideas taken from different stories, as a model, adapting them until gaining the perfect atmosphere for children. The storyteller can also provoke creative emotions like spiritual or energetic forces so that kids are even more engaged on the story.

There is a wide relationship between the speaker with the spoken since sometimes in a piece of writing is difficult to express clearly what the speaker wants to say. On the other hand, oral storytelling plays a significant role in it. Living voice is connected to living reception in a way that responds to some of children deepest desires.

Children always acquire language through exposure under adults' guidance, they learn abstract concepts from others without having any experience before. Little by little kids are able to recognise these concepts to put in practice according to their context. Storytelling establishes that connection by liking knowledge with the specific context in time and space in which little ones live in.

The characters have a particular way to talk to each other inside a story. This depends on the level of the conversation and the topic as well, for example if characters interact on the lowest level talk about other characters and if they interact on the highest level talk about ideas. The persuit of storytelling involves setting aside this thinking to show beginers that each story is based on true facts.

The storyteller offers some simple shortcuts to construct powerful stories together with an amazing content, which is improved through the development of storytelling technique such as written or oral skills.
Effective storytelling is an interactive process, which can not be accimplished successfully without a strong ability to listen to the audience, and adjust it providing a good purpose and style to cause a great impact on children.

To conclude, storytelling is one of the best way that most of children use to communicate with others, exchanging different experiences as well as emotions to live in and be part of an imaginative world just for a moment.

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