sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

A psychological interpretation about "The Frog King" by Bruno Bettelheim

There are several valuable messages behind this amazing fairy tale. The first one is that behind any apparent non desirable situation, there may be a nice and satisfying end. Another message is that people tend to look at someone’s appearance in order to make him or her feel awkward. The other one states that if someone makes an important promise to someone else, the promise must not be broken.
On the other hand, this story shows how parents should treat their children making use of good manners and trying to encourage them to face their problems by their own so as to gain independence and self confidence.
This story also serves as a guide for parents on how to educate children about the meaning of life and about the importance of complying with one’s promises.
Bruno compares the events of the story with the process of maturation of young people. For instance, at the beginning of the story, the ball represents undeveloped narcissistic psyche for it contains all potentials, none of which is yet realized. Later on, when the ball falls into the deep dark well, the young princess moms the loss of its childish innocence, just as desperately as that of the ball.
The rest of the story is a beautiful illustration on how an adolescent has to learn to move from the pursuit of pleasure to an acceptance of consequences and commitments in life. Closely related to that, the young lady develops an ability to love.
To round it all, the story of the Frog King illustrates a person development from self-centered life style to a committed life in communion with others.